Apple iMac Macbook Hard drive replacement in Preston

Fulwood Computers recently rescued a customer, who needed an Apple iMac hard drive replacement in Preston and upgrade. The hard drive was having problems and very slow. Plus the Mac OS version was too old to support modern versions of the Sierra browser, so increasing numbers of websites were not accessible to the iMac.

The difficulty is removing the screen in one piece to access the drive area, which is on the mainboard behind the glass outer panel and LCD panel. Fulwood Computers in Preston used ‘windscreen’ type grippers to remove the outer glass, from the Apple iMac 2012, which really help to keep the glass intact!

iMac Screen Grippers Fulwood Computers


Once the glass is laid carefully on a soft towel the same can be done with the LCD Panel, which does not require the grippers. Careful with the screws as they try to stick to the magnetised frame of the Apple iMac!

Access to the Hard Drive at this point is possible.

Apple iMac Hard Drive replacement Preston Fulwood Computers


The client decided it was a good time to replace it with a SSD Drive with many speed benefits!


iMac SSD Hard Drive upgrade Fulwood Computers


The client fortunately had their data backed up on their Time Machine backup, and iCloud. We fitted the SSD, with an adapter, and no heat sensor plug in,  we then had to re-install the original old Mac OS Mountain Lion. Which initially would not install until the date was put back to 2013 on the iMac! Crazy I know! After this and logging in with the Apple ID, Fulwood Computers in Preston upgraded the Mac OS to the latest version, which was at the time High Sierra, then hey presto a fully functioning again iMac with the latest OS and Sierra browser that allowed internet access to all sites again. The Apple iMac 2012 was transformed into a fast modern iMac at the fraction of the cost of a new one. On a side note a Mac fan controller software was also installed to slow the hard drive fan down as a modern SSD does not have a sensor socket, so the Mac cooling fan runs at 100% and is quite loud! So the software slows the fan to an acceptable level.

For more information and help with screen replacements etc Fulwood Computers are glad to help.

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  1. Thomas Anthony Bushell says:

    Hi I have an old Mac running Sierra I’m having trouble with hard drive issues and was wandering the cost to upgrade to sad would be?

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