Smart TV wont connect to internet in Preston

Smart TV’s too complicated? Televisions have become a whole lot more complicated now, and sometimes need a good degree of knowledge to just connect the TV to the internet! Fulwood Computers can help when your Smart TV wont connect to internet in Preston, be it just because of wifi-password problems, or more because of interference […]

Email scam that knows your address

Email scam that knows your address Fulwood Computers in Preston are disturbed to hear about the Email scam that knows your address, and shows that in the email to make it look official. The email claims that you owe a company money in the form of an invoice as highlighted on the BBC website. Whatever […]

Help with Online share dealing Silver Surfers

Help with Online Share Dealing For Silver Surfers Does everything seem to be ‘going online’? It may seem that way, whatever you are watching on TV “check out our website for more inormation at www.blabla bla” or please go to www.whatever to book your holiday. At Fulwood Computers in Preston we can give help with […]

Silver Surfers Internet help in North-West

Silver Surfers general Internet IT Help Here at Fulwood Computers in Preston, we’re finding increasing need to help Silver Surfers with computer, Internet related or IT problems. And we don’t just mean fixing  a broken computer!   Take yesterday in Southport for example, we had a client who needed help and guidance with their Electricity […]

Wifi Problems in Preston

What are wifi problems? They can be seen as web pages being slow to load on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Wifi problems can be linked to ‘buffering’ or ‘stuttering’ whilst trying to watch Netflix on your new Smart TV, or upstairs on your Ipad. Fulwood Computers can help with wifi problems in Preston. […]