Home Computer Setup or Home Installation

Fulwood Computers in Preston currently install computers for corporate clients, so workers can access their workspace from the comfort of their home.

Home computer setup gives small, medium and large companies the opportunity of employing good talent, outside of their respective home town or city. This can be known as:

  • VPN or Virtual Private Networking
  • Remote login
  • Remote desktop
Home Computer Setup

Home Computer Setup

Using Fulwood Computers to do home installation of company computers, negates the need to employ full-time field engineers for the purpose.

All we require is:

  • An existing broadband to be in place before installation ( we can help if required)
  • The desktop computer or laptop setup as per the companies requirements
  • The computer to be allowed through the companies’ firewall/security screen
  • A short demonstration of how your system works
  • An agreed day or evening* when the home worker will be in and convenient for them

*It’s good practice to do the remote pc installation during office hours, so the home installation can be tested there and then by Fulwood Computers, before the home worker is left to their devices!

Fulwood Computers in Preston have so far installed remote workers in Yorkshire, Cheshire and the Wirral.

We can supply some of the hardware requirements or none, that is your choice.

We are available on Telephone no. 07764 179604 or email mark@fulwoodcomputers.co.uk