Internet and Website phishing scams!

We’re sure you’ve all had the viagra type spam emails asking you to click this link etc. Of course never do so – just delete the email. Things have moved on a little to ‘phishing scams’ or scam type emails. Just treat emails the same as in real life, with suspicion if they come from […]

PC Gaming

PC gaming goes back to the late 1980’s early 1990’s for a lot of us! This consisted of taking a large heavy computer screen and Mini-Tower base unit, with associated keyboards and mice to a friends and setting up in a room with a serial cable, linking two machines together to play against each other. […]

Computer Upgrades

Generally people know little about computer upgrades, upgrading and repairing their existing computer or laptop and tend to throw them away and buy a new one that may or may not be much better or faster than their last! At Fulwood Computers we can upgrade and combine upgrading whilst repairing your computer or laptop in […]