Computers for Students in Preston

Here at Fulwood Computers in Preston, we receive ex-business computers. They are of a high standard and are good computers for students in Preston. We test, refurbish and put in either a brand new Hard Drive or brand new Solid State Drive (click our page for what that is) install windows and at the moment […]

Home Computer Setup

Fulwood Computers in Preston currently install computers for corporate clients, so workers can access their workspace from the comfort of their home. Home computer setup gives small, medium and large companies the opportunity of employing good talent, outside of their respective home town or city. This can be known as: VPN or Virtual Private Networking […]

Basic Data backup

Basic Data backup can be seen as confusing and awkward to some. It’s as straight forward as you wish to make it. All it means is you are going to have a duplicate or triplicate copy of your data, documents, family photos, music or videos in case your computer fails and needs repairs. Simple way, […]

Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives or SSD’s are a great way to breathe new life into your computer or laptop and make them as fast as an iPad! An SSD is a modern invention to replace the bottleneck in your computer or laptop. The bottleneck is caused by the traditional hard disk drive. That’s the device that […]

Computer Repairs Preston

Fulwood Computers in Preston carry out various computer repairs and laptop repairs. Usually the most tricky ones to fix are the intermittent fault, you know the one that appears once or twice a week and then disappears for a week or two! Sometimes those type of computer repairs are caused by overheating, so think, is […]