Cheap laptops in Fulwood Preston

Fulwood Computers receive refurbished ex-business laptops, which are transformed into fast cheap laptops in Fulwood Preston, by adding a new SSD drive.

SSD Hard Drive upgrade Fulwood Computers

Prices range from £170 if collected from Fulwood Computers in Preston. We usually bring the cheap laptops in Fulwood Preston so they can be setup within your Home or Premises. For example, connected to your broadband, Wifi setup, connected to your printer to print your boarding passes etc, and install Internet Security. This can cost £210 upwards.


Usually the laptops have 14-15″ screens, have 4GB Ram, and are i5 or i3 Processors, and Windows 10 Patched up and ready to go.

Cheap Laptops Fulwood Preston


The SSD upgrade is what makes the Laptop really fast and is a cheap solution rather than buying new. The laptop brands range from Dell to HP and Toshiba.

To chat about laptops and anything else please contact Mark on 07764179604 or email





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