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Fulwood Computers in Preston carry out various computer repairs and laptop repairs. Usually the most tricky ones to fix are the intermittent fault, you know the one that appears once or twice a week and then disappears for a week or two! Sometimes those type of computer repairs are caused by overheating, so think, is the fault or crash, commonly known as the blue screen of death or BSOD, happening when you have the central heating on, or when its abnormally hot weather?

Playing a computer game for example, for a prolonged period can make your computer or laptop very hot. Check the vents are free from dust/hairs and usual household fluff! If the vents are blocked on your computer or laptop they cannot ‘breathe’ correctly and overheat creating costly computer repairs! After switching off your computer or laptop, sometimes blasting the vent (s) on a laptop with a can of compressed air will do the trick or take the side of the case off your mini-tower computer and clean out with a vacuum and blast with compressed air. Make sure you don’t touch the components otherwise you may zap them with static causing more expensive computer repairs! If a little more in depth cleaning is required, like a computer we did this week that was in for repairs, the fans needed removing from the CPU (processor) and the graphics card taking out and cleaning thoroughly as they were really clogged due to the client smoking. That makes fluff/dust stick like a gluey goo to the fans or components! Imagine what it does to your lungs, anyway that’s a different story to doing computer repairs!

Students also find that in their bedsit or parents houses cooped up in their bedroom, they use their laptop on their bed, the quilt covers the air intake and exhaust slots and then fries the processor or graphics chip within! Use a laptop tray!

Once your computer or laptop has been cleaned and you still have issues contact us: or 07764179604 and we can do more checks/repairs, swapping components until the culprit is found, like your RAM memory for instance.

Viruses and bad software from the internet can also cause crashes and general mischief requiring computer repairs, see the other article for info and future article posts.

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  1. Les Morgan says:

    This company has taken good care of my various home computer systems over a period of about five years & provides excellent service. If you leave him a voice mail he responds. If he makes an appointment he keeps it and is on time. A highly recommended engineer.

  2. Anthony Moran says:

    Friendly and Helpful. Excellent service given by Mark. I highly recommend Fulwood Computers, as a friendly and very professional company. They did everything they said they would. Will use them again and recommend to my friends.

  3. Robin Price says:

    Mark has helped me for a few years now from laptop virus checking and updating through to the build of my latest PC that was built specifically with my new photography hobby in mind. Together we discussed my requirements for a machine that would give me the best possible images and work at a speed to suit. This needed a more powerful graphics setup but Mark had all this knowledge at his fingertips.
    Once built this flying machine handles my pictures and power hungry applications with ease and I’m using images up to 40 mb and even up to double this at times and up to 25 images open at a time. No problem to my PC.
    My problems come when I mess about with other bits of software that aren’t quite as they should be or are out of date and I ‘mess up’ things a bit. Mark is always there at the end of the phone to talk me through the issue. Not stumped him with anything yet!
    Top Man, Top Service, Top Job!

  4. Jean Brown says:

    Mark was friendly, very professional, spoke in computer terms I could understand – not computer ‘geek’ & I now have a computer that works instantly which saves me time! Would certainly recommend Mark to friends & future contacts.

  5. Alison Minery says:

    Having being recommended, I have contacted Mark with all our computer worries, over the past 5 years or so. Not only is he prompt to respond, but can make sense of what you might have done, without judgement! Using a specialised software system for our business has at times made issues more complicated to resolve. On every occasion, Mark has been able to resolve these, with a professional and sound judgement that can be trusted. Without hesitation, I would recommend Mark, to fellow colleagues, friends and family, as someone who can resolve the issue – and get it right for you, and your business needs!

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