Computer Upgrades

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Generally people know little about computer upgrades, upgrading and repairing their existing computer or laptop and tend to throw them away and buy a new one that may or may not be much better or faster than their last!

At Fulwood Computers we can upgrade and combine upgrading whilst repairing your computer or laptop in many different ways, be it for general internet, email usage, computer games or business usage.

The easiest way is to upgrade the RAM memory, which essentially is just a small board with silicon chips on, that fits into empty memory slots that most computers and laptops have available. These typically will be DDR2 or currently DDr3 memory chips which you can buy from various online shops or us at Fulwood Computers in Preston if you’re not sure what to do. We can come out to you and fit onsite.

Increasing your RAM creates more room for programs to fit into that you click on, for example any internet browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The more things you click on the more RAM is required to run these alongside Windows and your anti-virus and Word, or iTunes etc.

On a laptop there is usually a small flap that can be unscrewed exposing empty memory slots or slot.

Identify your laptop’s model and cross reference it at the manufacturer of your laptops’ website, this will tell you the maximum size and type of RAM required. Make sure your laptop is switched off and the new RAM snaps into the slot one way only and is quite simple to do. It is quite easy once you know how.

The same applies with your desktop/mini-tower type computer too, cross reference the model, or the motherboard model inside.

The rule of thumb usually is the more RAM you have in your computer or laptop, the faster programs will load and close, but also links into having an upgrade with an SSD or solid state drive particularly if you are having to have a repair done on your existing faulty hard drive. That is a little more complex and is covered in this post.

If you don’t feel confident about attempting the above then you can always contact us for all your computer repairs and laptop repairs: or telephone 07764179604 and save shelling out on a new computer or laptop when you may not need to!


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