Computers for Students in Preston

Here at Fulwood Computers in Preston, we receive ex-business computers. They are of a high standard and are good computers for students in Preston.

We test, refurbish and put in either a brand new Hard Drive or brand new Solid State Drive (click our page for what that is) install windows and at the moment upgrade to Windows 10.

These can be delivered locally (Preston areas)  for approx £99. (no monitor included)

If a much faster Solid State Drive is put in then approx £ 139

These types of computers suit Students and home users alike for general internet usage and coursework.

The Computers for Students in Preston we have in stock are:

  • Dual Core$_14
  • 2-4GB Ram
  • Windows 7 Professional or Windows 10 Professional
  • DVD Rewriter drive
  • 500GB Hard Drive or 120GB Solid State Drive
  • Adobe Reader Free
  • Openoffice Free
  • Google Chrome
  • Windows updates completed to date

If you are changing from an older system or broken system, we can offer a data copy service from your old computer/laptop.

We can also offer a Home Computer setup service within the North-West area, click the link for more information. Home Computer setup can involve just getting you connected to the internet or linking the computer to your existing TV!

We can also offer a data destruction service too, to destroy the data from your old/broken device so any sensitive information cannot be retrieved once you are happy you have the information or data on your new system.

You can always call for a chat with regards any of the above:

07764179604 or Preston on 01772 490072


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