Email scam that knows your address

Email scam that knows your address

Fulwood Computers in Preston are disturbed to hear about the Email scam that knows your address, and shows that in the email to make it look official.

The email claims that you owe a company money in the form of an invoice as highlighted on the BBC website.

Email scam that knows your address

Whatever you do, do not click the link in the email to pay the alleged bill that you owe, as you don’t owe anything. DELETE IT!

Then DELETE IT from your deleted items or trash.

If you click on the link something called Malware will download and infect your PC, Mobile or Tablet device.

This can result in encrypting your files so you cannot access them.

The cyber criminal that sent the Malware will demand money to ‘unlock’ the files.

If you do accidentaly or have clicked the link don’t do anything and call us:


01772 490072 or 07764179604


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