Gaming computers in Fulwood Preston for Fortnite

Gaming computers in Fulwood Preston for Fortnite are being requested more and more!

Gaming computers in Fulwood Preston for Fortnite

Most recently a teenagers computer was upgraded with an AMD Athlon X4 (Socket FM2+), a 500W EVGA Power Supply and a EVGA Nvidia GTX660Ti Graphics Card.

Processor Upgrade Gaming computer Fulwood Preston


The Processor and Graphics card were second hand, the Power Supply brand new, at a total cost of £150 inc labour. The teenager can now play Fortnite and CS GO with a massively higher framerate than before, or less jittery and better looking graphics.

EVGA Graphics Card Gaming computer

Gaming computers can be put together using a mix of second hand parts and new parts, depending on your budget. The trick is to know what works with which motherboard etc if you already have a standard non-gaming computer. Fulwood Computers can figure out which gaming computer you need or afford.

A Gaming Computer is a good present for a teenager at Christmas, it can also be used for Educational work as well as leisure time gaming!

New gaming computers generally start from £600 delivered in Fulwood Preston for the computer box, base unit itself and can be plugged into your existing TV if a monitor is not within budget. Fulwood Computers would give an hour at your location to help connect your system and get you setup with Steam for example to use as your game delivery software. A good wired broadband connection is always helpful for gaming! A good Iiyamma monitor, if required would start from £120 for a 24″ HD screen.

Gaming computers in Fulwood Preston for Fortnite can be built from AMD Ryzen 1 or 2 processors, Intel i3 or i5 processors, AMD Graphics cards, or Nvidia Graphics cards. We only use quality parts for our new builds but suit your budget too.

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