Help with Online share dealing Silver Surfers

Help with Online Share Dealing For Silver Surfers

Does everything seem to be ‘going online’? It may seem that way, whatever you are watching on TV “check out our website for more inormation at www.blabla bla” or please go to www.whatever to book your holiday. At Fulwood Computers in Preston we can give help with online share dealing for Silver Surfers.

This last week we have helped silver surfers overcome energy switch problems, and help another gentleman link his online share dealing portfolio to his ISA.

He desperately needed to sell some of his shares within his annual tax allowance, which we did, but he could not achieve without our help and the share broker involved. He needed to also have money deposited into his ISA too, within the financial tax year. Again we succeeded.

Help with Online share dealing Help with Online share dealing Silver surfers


Good online share brokers are for example LSE London South East


Fulwood Computers in Preston helped with both the ISA problem and logging into one of the above services, to merge his ISA and share portfolio into one easy login at their website.

He could only trade online with these and this is the way things seem to be going.

Equally this can be a good thing as trading becomes cheaper and more realtime share prices are available. If for example you click on the link above and type in the company you want in the search box 2-3 inches down, click Go, it will tell you the current (15min delay) price.

You can buy and sell on there and have multiple shares in the one website login.

If you struggle to come to terms with some of the jargon in setting up your account we can always help you at Fulwood Computers.

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