How to backup M2 NVMe SSD and Micro SSD when your Computer fails to switch on in Preston?

How do you get your data back?

Technology moves on quickly, and storage devices shrink in size and capacities grow. When this happens we have to find new ways rescue data when it all goes horribly wrong! So how do we backup M2 NVMe SSD and Micro SSD when your Computer or Laptop fails to switch on in Preston?

The interface on the M2 NVMe SSD and Micro SSD “hard drives” is a non standard fit, if you like, it wont just plug into a normal SATA (Serial ATA) connector, from traditional laptops and desktop computers. See below:



Micro SSD against SSD


Description for Samsung NVMe here

So if your PC or laptop crashes in Preston, Fulwood Computers can rescue the data from your M2 NVMe SSD and Micro SSD. Contact us. As long as the device (drive) is readable outside of your crashed, dropped Laptop or Computer, it or they can be placed in a Micro SSD adapter or M2 NVMe adapter. This in turn can be then plugged into a standard PC and the data copied, as long as the data structure is still there.

These devices are very useful!! :

M2 NVMe SSD PCI e adapter kit

M SATA Adapter Kit

The data can then either be put on another working drive or a USB pen drive.

One particular NVMe M2 SSD drive Fulwood Computers rescued had overheated quite badly, but amazingly was still readable, and the drive was cloned onto a New M2 NVMe SSD. Result, one fully functional again £1200 laptop!

For more information and help call Mark @ Fulwood Computers 07764179604

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