Internet and Website phishing scams!

We’re sure you’ve all had the viagra type spam emails asking you to click this link etc. Of course never do so – just delete the email.

Things have moved on a little to ‘phishing scams’ or scam type emails.

Just treat emails the same as in real life, with suspicion if they come from unknown sources or are too good to be true! As usually they are.

The obvious sometimes catch out the most intelligent or ‘switched’ on person in a moment of confusion, or if in a hurry.

Phishing Emails purporting to be from HMRC ‘re your tax return’ find their way in to your inbox – ‘please log in to retrieve details’ or whatever the link is – just don’t click it, HMRC would never ask you to do this. If you hover your computer mouse/touchpad pointer over the link to log in, for example, a little box will pop up and give you the actual website address that the link would actually take you too and it will not be HMRC’s website! Delete it!

The other day we received an email saying that the website data from this site would stop being submitted to Google if we didn’t renew our yearly Google submission contract. Domain SEO Service Registration Corp apparently sent it, if you hovered over the payment link then this address came up and links back to a company in China, need I say more.

The internet can seem awkward and difficult, it isn’t that bad, you just have to be on the ball and think logically, is this real? Do I deal with this company? Do I already deal with this bank? Would my bank ask me for these details over the internet? NO!

If you do make payments online by mistake to these type of companies, then contact your credit card company (use a credit card as it allegedly gives more cover) and say fraud has been committed and you want them to claw the money back. They’ll probably ask you awkward questions but persist and claim your money back.


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