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Internet Security is pretty vague in most peoples minds! Treat the internet as you do real life, if something that is offered to you free on the internet there can be a consequence like in real life!

Emails claiming to be an invoice from UPS or Sage, or an ‘Update your details’ type email from Paypal end up in your email inbox, just delete them!

Any advert on a website that pops up claiming to tell you that your computer or laptop is running slow is just a random advert that hasn’t got a clue whether your computer or laptop is fast or slow, or even if you are using a computer or laptop to see the advert, you maybe on a phone/tablet.

Any advert on a website that pops up claiming to tell you that your computer or laptop has 1076 errors and needs fixing, again is random and hasn’t a clue whether you have errors or not on your computer or laptop.


If you do you’ll find half a dozen software or malware packages have installed themselves on your computer or laptop claiming to help you.

They will in fact do the opposite and slow your computer or laptop down a great deal, and generally annoy you! Then ask for money to fix the problem (s) that they caused your computer or laptop in the first place.


Other ‘adverts’ can instantly download a virus or malware onto your computer or laptop. What is a virus or Malware? Just a program like any other eg Word or Internet Explorer or any ‘app’ , except they are written by criminals to be malicious to the computer or laptops’ owner. Some will steal data, for example passwords, or usernames or account names when on the internet. Some lock your computer or laptop and demand money to unlock the computer or laptop.

The majority of these can be fixed with packages like Malwarebytes from – Adwcleaner from – sometimes you need a Root kit remover, kaspersky do a good one called TDSSKiller.

The above need installing and running on your infected computer or laptop. Some take quite a while to scan so be patient. If you need internet security in Preston, Fulwood Computers can help you remove these types of problems from your computer or laptop, if you’re having difficulty, so contact us: or telephone 07764179604.


  1. Troy Watson says:

    Hi Mark,

    Many thanks for removing the problematic adware that I had failed to remove myself after many hours of trying! I have to say that I was extremely pleased with the speed at which you carried out this work. I was also pleasantly surprised with the price charged which was significantly lower than a couple of other estimates I received first.

    All in all, I’m one very happy (and on-going) customer.


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