PC Gaming

PC gaming goes back to the late 1980’s early 1990’s for a lot of us! This consisted of taking a large heavy computer screen

and Mini-Tower base unit, with associated keyboards and mice to a friends and setting up in a room with a serial cable,

linking two machines together to play against each other.

Progression was made when we could network them with a  hub/router.

When the internet really hit off and it was included within games as a playable option,

this negated the transportation of the computer hardware.

Unfortunately this took away a lot of the social aspect though, so a bit of a trade off.

PC Gaming has never been as popular due to Covid! As a consequence of demand and Bit Coin Mining,

Graphics Cards are in very short supply with no sign of a good supply until the 3rd quarter of the year,

according to Nvidia. So Fulwood Computers has purchased a few second hand Graphics cards to try and help

anyone struggling to get on the Gaming Computer ladder, at the moment the other components are in reasonably OK supply.

If you can cope with, for example a GTX970 4GB graphics card or GTX 1060 6GB in an otherwise new Gaming PC for a the time being give us a call.

PC gaming, some may say, is not as straight forward as putting a DVD or downloading a new game from Sony’s site for your PS4.

With a PC you have to know what is the minimum requirements from your PC to play a particular game.

Just look at the DVD box or check the Games requirements online and that will give details of the

required parts within your computer. With a PS4 it will work regardless.

Unless of course it’s a new game for a new console only. So sometimes one would have to upgrade their

computer to play a more modern game or new release by adding a graphics card for instance.

Guess that is better than having to just buy a new console as the old one is now defunct!

Anyway computer gaming can be complicated and if you need help that is what Fulwood Computers is here for.

If the requirements confuse you or don’t mean an awful lot to you, then you can always give

Fulwood Computers in Preston a call on 07764179604,

or email mark@fulwoodcomputers.co.uk and we will be happy to help or upgrade your computer if required.

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