Broadband Help

Broadband is now an important part of everyday life. You may need broadband help at anytime.

At Fulwood Computers we have given broadband help to many customers.

  • Help setup broadband or new fibre broadband connections
  • Help fix existing broadband or help fix fibre broadband problems
  • Installing a new computer or laptop on your existing broadband or fibre connection
  • Broadband help with Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Broadband help with Smart TV’s
  • Talk to your broadband provider for you when you need internet help
  • Making Gaming Computers, Xboxes, Playstations run on wired connections rather than wireless to help connection/lag issues

Sometimes you need to do a broadband speed test for example BT Speedtest

Or you may need to use a different checker like

The page will look something like this:

Broadband help

Broadband help

Choose begin test and see what results you achieve. Anything above 3Mbps is considered OK for HD video streaming, from for example BBC Iplayer or YouTube

If you require any help to achieve any of the above, please do not hesitate to give us a call at

Fulwood Computers, Preston on 07764179604, or email