Computer Repairs

Fulwood Computers in Preston, specialize in computer repairs and laptop repairs.

Most computer repairs tend to be software or removal of ‘junk’ like:

computer repairs

Junk software!


Other common faults or problems can be:

  • Virus or Spyware removal see our Internet Security article
  • Malicious software removal, meaning junk items that gradually appear on your computer or laptop over time.
  • Large computer repairs like screen replacement on your laptop
  • Broken keyboard replacement on your laptop
  • Forgotten email password retrieval
  • Windows 7 or 8 software fixed on your computer or laptop
  • Make your computer or laptop switch on faster
  • If your computer won’t switch on at all, usually the internal computer power supply can be replaced to fix it

For other repairs or for some self help see our article here

For these and any other computer repairs contact us at Fulwood Computers on

telephone number 07764179604 or