Computer Sales

Fulwood Computers in Preston, as well as computer repairs, custom build computers for you. We offer the complete service of building a system that meets what you want, rather than what is on the shelf. We also modify new laptops usually with an SSD or solid state hard drive, see our article Solid State Drives for more on SSD’s.

Custom Computer Building

Custom Computer Building

  • We offer computer sales and laptop sales for general internet usage, email usage, business computers, going on up to full on gaming computers. All these are built with quality parts from local suppliers.
  • The built computer or laptop will be delivered to you in person and setup in your home or business in the north-west.
  • Data as in documents, family photos, music can be copied over from existing computers if required.
  • We also give a years free Kaspersky anti-virus on your new computer or laptop to help you on your way. This helps to make you secure while internet banking etc. Most big brands only give 1 months free trial of a product.

If it’s your traditional computer that needs replacing keep your existing screen and just buy a new base unit or box!

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