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Here at Fulwood Computers in Preston, we’re finding increasing need to help Silver Surfers with computer, Internet related or IT problems. And we don’t just mean fixing  a broken computer!

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Take yesterday in Southport for example, we had a client who needed help and guidance with their Electricity and Gas supplier change or move.

The emails sent to her by the new supplier, just seemed confusing and she couldn’t work out what they meant.

Sometimes it isn’t self explanatory enough for someone to be able to navigate a new website, login and find the correct area of the website to input details and information the energy supplier is after. Sometimes it is just about confidence in oneself to do things correctly. Sometimes it is just the fear of unknown.

Once shown over a period of 45minutes or so we had figured out what was required of her.

We checked for attachments in the emails, one was Direct Debit confirmation to make sure the details were correct. The other was the tariffs and explanantion of the fixed term contract.

After which, really all we had to do was have the meter readings ready on a particular date window of 10 days, then logging into the website of the new supplier and inputting the meter readings for the new start.

The client now knows how to do this. If she forgets, it’s written down what to do and will be straightforward after being done a couple of times. If not then she can always call us for help.

Energy supplier change can be seen as awkward and difficult a couple of links are here :

These may help you.

Similarly maybe help is required for Facebook, for the Silver Surfers who keep in touch with friends and family with it.

Help maybe required for Broadband switching – to a cheaper or better provider for example. As a consequence, Smart Televisions need linking in to their new Internet Providers equipment.

If you need help or guidance with any of the above we are always available to help at

[email protected] or 01772490072 or 07764179604




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