Smart TV wont connect to internet in Preston

Smart TV’s too complicated?

Televisions have become a whole lot more complicated now, and sometimes need a good degree of knowledge to just connect the TV to the internet! Fulwood Computers can help when your Smart TV wont connect to internet in Preston, be it just because of wifi-password problems, or more because of interference from other people’s (neighbours) routers.

The above usually can be fixed with a password reset in the router software, or the wifi channel can be changed to a more compatible channel for your device. Most routers can be ‘logged into’ like a shopping account, so from a computer or laptop.

For example an Asus router can be reached at . Within your interenet browser, like any other website, you would type in the address bar  press enter and then a user name and password box would appear like below. Other routers instead of a named webpage/interface to log into, you type a number, spaced with dots, this is called an IP address, so like at the top of the box below BT Routers/Home Hub’s tend to need an address of, Talktalk usually , so literally that is what you would type in the address bar in your internet browser for BT Hub = and then type in the username and password on the back and or underneath of your Hub.

Anyway if you have an Asus router like above, at this point you would enter your username and password that is underneath or stuck on the side of your wireless router. as stated above like on the BT Hub. If you don’t know these then sometimes your broadband provider may know them, with Sky broadband the information required is usually username = admin and password = sky.

Once you are logged in then you maybe confronted with a page like below if you’re with BT Broadband after you click on advanced, and wireless :


So this is where you may just start by checking the wireless password is correct for what you have entered into your Smart TV. Changing the wireless channel maybe next to see if that helps you connect, when your Smart TV wont connect to internet in Preston, some electronic devices like Tablets and  computers like certain channels better than others. So you can change the channel from automatic in the drop down box, like above and change to say 6 or 11, these tend to be good compatible channels. Bear in mind that if you have a lot of different routers in the neighbourhood, then this maybe trial and error, as you don’t wish to overlap on other peoples routers.

Talking of Smart TV ‘s sometimes switching off something called ‘Smart setup’ within the BT Hub fixes a whole multitude of sins as Smart Setup confuses a lot of devices rather than helping them connect! Believe it or not it isn’t that Smart. So if you can navigate to a page that looks like below and disable the Smart Setup.

Not so Smart Setup

After this you may still find your Smart TV wont connect to internet in Preston. You may need to add another router to your household or effectively make the link to the Smart TV wired. This is discussed by clicking here.

If things all just seem to complicated and you need further help when your Smart TV wont connect to internet in Preston contact us

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  1. Lindsey Jones says:

    I needed help quickly to fix a PS4 which had been damaged in transit and was meant to be a present for Christmas. He was fantastic and was speedy at fixing and bringing back. So pleased that I can give this present at Christmas ! Thank you Mark – Great Job!

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