Wifi Problems in Preston

What are wifi problems? They can be seen as web pages being slow to load on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Wifi problems can be linked to ‘buffering’ or ‘stuttering’ whilst trying to watch Netflix on your new Smart TV, or upstairs on your Ipad. Fulwood Computers can help with wifi problems in Preston.

Wifi Problems can be caused by slow broadband speed from the outside. As in the speed being given from your broadband provider all the time or at peak times, is slow. This really does affect connections to Smart TV’s. This can be remedied by making sure the internal phone sockets are wired correctly which Fulwood Computers can help with. You maybe able to change broadband package with your provider if for example they have Fibre broadband enabled at your local new ‘big green shiny cabinet’ in a nearby street which look like these:



Or change provider completely, BT, Sky and Virgin often have offers to reduce your bill and improve speed, and wifi problems in Preston, Fulwood Computers can help with guidance.

Is your house causing the wifi problems in Preston?

If you have a larger than ‘normal’ house/flat or the have a modern extension with a lot of insulation foil within the walls/ceiling, these can degrade the internal wifi signal coming from your router. Some routers provided by broadband suppliers aren’t always the best and in certain cases can be replaced or added to, with a self purchased router or a router Fulwood Computers can supply and install for you. We tend to use Asus routers and they tend to suit most budgets, and are sleek like the one below

Asus Router

Alternatively if a certain part of your house has ‘dead spots’ then an additional router can be supplied, linking via an ethernet cable or homeplugs daisy chained from your existing router or hub. Homeplugs work by sending the broadband connection through your existing electrical sockets within your house, so you don’t need to run lots of messy cables from the main router to where the dead spot (s) are.


All of this Fulwood Computers can help, supply and install for you.

You can always call for a chat about your wifi problems in Preston:

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